Meet Our Leaders

Meet our growing team!  God has blessed us with incredible servant leaders and continues to add to our team the right people at the right time.  Do you feel God calling you to get involved here at 1CF?

What We Are Doing:

  1. Planting a church/regional hub/ministry.
  2. Working with existing/building toward church unity in our region.
  3. Getting the bible into our daily lives.
  4. Partnering with and serving other churches in the area.
  5. Bringing our Encounter with God to the community weekly through Engage Outreach and Prayer Ministry.

Our Defining Factors:

  1. Five Fold Ephesians 4
  2. Kingdom Unity by love and value John 17:11, 13:35
  3. Prophetic Lifestyle
  4. Discipleship: Disciples that make Disciple makers
  5. Family Focus
  6. City Investment Locally Grounded
  7. Globally Minded World Changers